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Lonnie’s TrueLock Diamond Garage Floor

Lonnie used the TrueLock Diamond tiles in his 625 Sq. Ft. garage – and we think it looks AMAZING! We love the classic checkerboard-patterned garage with the blue and black border. The tiles that Lonnie used are an American-Made, time-tested tile with a 6-lock system. These tiles look great and are on SALE.

What He Used:

  • 328 Black TrueLock Diamond  Tiles
  • 116 Blue TrueLock Diamond Tiles
  • 145 White TrueLock Diamond Tiles
  • 31 Black TrueLock Female Edges

Photos of Lonnie’s Garage

Here are some cool photos that Lonnie sent us- from the beginning of his installation process to the final product.

Before Installation:

During Installation:


After Installation:

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