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Michael’s Surprise Remodel!

This garage for Michael’s dad went from a cluttered, stained, and ordinary garage to a suitable ‘new home’ for the Corvette z06 carbon.

“He was in complete shock and loved it!” – Michael

Michael remodeled this garage as a surprise Father’s Day gift. And wow! He did a great job with the 264 sq ft garage.  The garage walls were painted to match the Corvette and completed with black and white checkerboarded TrueLock Diamond Plate Tiles. We love the TrueLock Diamond because they are easy to install, affordable, and are quality-made. Currently, these tiles are on sale for 1.99 a square foot and come with a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.  The before and after photos from this garage are super amazing – but see for yourself!

Michael’s Review:

“Converted the garage as a Father’s Day surprise for dad! He was in complete shock and loved it! Brand new home for his Corvette z06 carbon. Loved the TrueLock diamond tiles super easy to install and awesome customer service!” – Michael

The Floor:

Michael remodeled his dad’s 264 sq ft floor with the following:

  • 124 Black TrueLock Diamond Plate Tiles
  • 124 White TrueLock Diamond Plate Tiles
  • 32 Male Black TrueLock Edges
  • 32 Female Black TrueLock Edges
  • 4 Black TrueLock Corners

The Photos:



And, if this has convinced you to remodel your own garage – check our amazing tile options.


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