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La’s Beautiful Garage Floor

“Everyone says that my garage floor looks just like the showroom from the Honda or BMW showroom” – La

La applied one of our garage floor coatings and added flake for a great look. For many DIY customers looking to install a garage floor coating, we recommend a Polyurea Kit. We provide you with the product you will need for your garage. You get an incredibly durable and chemical resistant floor that comes with an installation process you can handle. The polyurea is a single component system with a virtually unlimited pot life, which is why we recommend this for many DIY customers.

La’s Review and Process

I gave you guys 5 stars and told about 20 of my friends about your products and the journey that I have been taken to complete my garage.  Thus, it has been a very fun, hard work, and rewarding experience with your team assistance.  Sami has made the whole product selection, ordering, and other questions very pleasant. As promised, here are a few pictures of my 800 square feet garage from start to finish.  BTW, the pictures do not do enough justice for how great the floors look in real life.  Everyone says that my garage floor looks just like the Honda or BMW showroom. Many thanks to you and hands down for your expertise and support

Preparation work:

Power wash twice:


Prepped and Fill Control Joints:

Primer coat:  with 3 gallons, we were just a pint short because of the garage stem wall.  Otherwise, it covers everything as expected.  It looks great just with the primer.

Then I wait for 8 hours to put on the second coat and the color flakes.  Therefore, the primer and the second coat are being applied within the same day at 78F and 72 % of humility:

As far as apply the color flake, first we used the handheld spreader but it didn’t work well so we stopped and we do the chicken feed method and it worked great.  Just make sure that we toss it up high to the point that the flakes hit the ceiling before they are falling down.

Final two coats as clear coat.  I only put ½ pound of the anti-skid material on the final coat.  Personally, I don’t think the anti-skid works well because saturated to the bottom on to the tray and I can’t get it applied evenly across the surface.  I did stir thing ups very well after each roll and dip.  However, I put down enough the color flake that the floor does have some textures.  So the color flakes help.

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