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Mike’s Trailer Installation

“It looks wonderful!”

Mike installed the G-Floor Small Coin Trailer Flooring which was adhered with the BLT Marine and Outdoor Adhesive. Customers like the small coin pattern because it is textured, increasing traction. Additionally, because the small coins are closer together, it is easier to roll over. The felt backing on the trailer flooring provides an added layer of cushion and helps with expansion and contraction issues associated with other products.

Mike’s Review:

The flooring turned out great! I used a 3/8 nap roller for the marine adhesive and that was quick and easy. I made a template out of some scrap cardstock and then transferred that to the cloth backer. Cut and install were easy and I had zero issues. It looks wonderful! The only issue was the added weight to the rear door required me to add another 3/4 turn to the spring tension. No big deal.

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