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Stacy’s Freeflow Garage Floor

Stacy’s Install

Stacy installed black, graphite, and alloy TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles in her 625 sq. ft. garage. The design that they installed the tiles in looks great! Customers love these tiles because they allow debris or sharp nails to fall through the tiles for easy clean up later. This allows the customer a clean looking garage floor that is also safe to walk on.

Stacy’s Review

We love the floor, Justin. Can’t thank you enough. Totally easy process with y’all and a super easy install. We think it looks awesome! We did a different design than normal, and think it came off really well.

What She Used:

  • 188 Black TrueLock HD Ribbed Tiles
  • 304 Alloy TrueLock HD Ribbed Tiles
  • 133 Graphite TrueLock HD Ribbed Tiles
  • 48 Black TrueLock HD Male Edges
  • 48 Black TrueLock HD Male Edges
  • 2 TrueLock HD Male Edge and Corners
  • 2 TrueLock HD Female Edge and Corners





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