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Best Garages of 2018

Happy New Year!

To celebrate the end of 2018, we wanted to share a few of our favorite garage flooring projects from 2018 with you. Throughout the year, our customers send us amazing photos of their garages. We put these photos (with permission of course) on our blog or on our social media sites. This year, we received several photos of garage floors that just made our jaw drop- and we can’t help sharing them with you! We also suggest you Checkout Justin’s Choices for Best Garage Flooring

Our All-Around-Favorites

Every year we get a few photos of garage projects that are absolutely stunning.  These photos make us ask ourselves – is this a showroom?  These garages are from real customers that went all-out for their garages and were kind enough to share these photos with us.

Ron’s Garage

Ron used a 3-Coat polyurea kit and a full broadcast distribution of flakes. He told us that the floor “makes the car look even better!” The floor coupled with the car and wall decor are what makes this garage look amazing!

Danny’s Garage

Danny installed the Race Deck 18” Free Flow and Diamond Plate tiles in black, graphite and blue in his garage. Just like Ron, he told us that his floor “Even makes my car look better.” The blue really makes his yellow vehicle pop!  We also like how Danny matched the tile colors with his wall paint and furniture.

Cool Cars!

For some of our customers, a garage floor is all about making the car look even cooler.

Paul’s Garage Floor

Paul installed the Racedeck Diamond Tiles in his garage. The black and white checker pattern makes his corvette pop! Paul told us that his garage “looks MAHvelous” and we couldn’t agree more!

James’ Garage

James installed the black, graphite and blue Free Flow Tiles to design his garage. The blue tiles match his two Porsches and it looks great! James told us that his  “floor turned out just like I hoped.”

Michael’s Father’s Garage

Michael remodeled this garage as a surprise Father’s Day gift with black and white TrueLock Diamond tiles in a checkerboard pattern. This garage is truly Corvette-themed.  He told us that his father “was in complete shock and loved it!”

Beautiful Garages

We say that some of our best customers are jealous neighbors. These garages are neat and have beautiful floors that are sure to make any neighbor jealous!

Dan and Patti’s Garage

Dan and Patti basically said it all when they told us “We used the True-Lock Diamond Plate Floor Tiles and they are AMAZING. They are very easy to install and look like we spent WAY MORE money than we did on the floor.”

Tim’s Garage

Tim combined the TrueLock HD Extreme Small Coin tiles and the TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles. This garage floor is made with alloy, graphite, black, and blue tiles and has an eye-catching pattern. Tim uses this garage as a recreational area with his wife and twin two-year olds and is excited because the area is “so usable now.”

Chad installed the TrueLock HD Ribbed Flow Through Tiles which function well in his garage and look great! He told us that the tiles “seem to be very high quality, look great, and are easy to clean.”

Awesome floor design!

Many of our customers opt to use the classic checkerboard pattern when they are installing their garage floor tiles. This pattern looks great – which is why so many customers use it – however, we felt these customers pushed the envelope when it came to their flooring design.

Christian’s Garage

Christian installed black, graphite, and yellow ribbed tiles. We like how he made parking easy in his garage with the yellow stripes across the black rectangles. After installing his tiles, Christian told us “These ribbed tiles are amazing! It took me 5 hours from start to finish!”

Mike’s Garage

Mike installed the TrueLock Diamond tiles into a very interesting design. His floor looks so great that he told us “All my buddies are jealous and want to do the same flooring.”

Jose & Laurie’s Garge

Jose and Laurie designed their garage with blue and alloy TrueLock HD Diamond tiles, using the blue tiles to create their initials. They were able to install this easily using our flooring designer – it was so easy they thought “it was actually fun putting it together!”.

We Want To See More!

We love getting photos of garage flooring projects! Feel free to share projects using our products with us to Triniti@garageflooringllc.com




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