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Brian’s Moto Van Project

A Pint Full of Awesome

Brian, with Seat Time, installed the Small Coin Trailer Flooring in his Moto Van. As his slogan indicates, the flooring is “A Pint Full of Awesome.” Brian installed the trailer flooring on plywood. Then, he placed it in the van.  Because he chose felt-back small coin mat, Brian has a textured surface that is easy to roll over with the added cushion from the felt.

For the best adhesion, we highly recommend the G-Floor marine adhesive. The adhesive works when installed on clean, unsealed and unpainted plywood. Watch the video below to see his installation process.

Seat Time is a News/Media Company that provides information on dirtbiking trends, race results and latest news in a gonzo moto journalistic style. For many of our dirtbiking, mountain biking, and off-roading friends, the trailer flooring is an affordable and easy-to-clean solution for Moto Vans.

Installation Video:

Floor Trim Installation:








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