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Keith’s Cute Dogs … And A Nice RaceDeck Floor Too

Keith’s RaceDeck Floor

Keith sent us photos of his RaceDeck floor project! We LOVE receiving photos of customers projects. Often enough, we have customers send us pictures of their amazing garages with their nice cars on top of them. These project photos show a cool truck but are a little different because well…PUPPIES! Keith’s German Shepard, Levi, and his Westi, Buddy love to lounge on the new RaceDeck Tuff Shield diamond tiles – I guess you could say they get 2…4…8 paws up?

“Love the Floor” – Keith

Overall, the floor is beautiful! The RaceDeck Tuff Shield diamond tiles are a great choice. Because they have a low profile, they are easy to roll over. The tile has a beautiful gloss and is easy to clean. Additionally, this tile is strong, durable, and has the patented PowerLock interlocking technology that is typically associated with  RaceDeck products. Although this tile is a great value, some customers prefer the TrueLock HDXT tiles because they are priced more economically.

What He Ordered:

  • 33 Black RaceDeck Tuff Shield Tiles
  • 11 Blue  RaceDeck Tuff Shield Tiles
  • 12 Alloy RaceDeck Tuff Shield Tiles
  • 3 Black RaceDeck Male Edges

Keith designed his floor with an alloy and black checkerboard pattern with a blue border surrounding it.  This design looks great with the rest of his garage decor and truck. Generally, our rigid tiles are already snapped together in groups of four when shipped, which is why so many customers, like Keith, opt to do an enlarged checkerboard pattern – a quicker installation process. For more tips on tile installation, click here.

“German shepherd is Levi. And Westi is Buddy. Both always laying down on flooring hanging out.” – Keith

All that is great, but where are the photos? Without further ado, here are the photos that Keith sent us of his garage and of course, the dogs!


Levi Hanging Out on Keith's new RaceDeck Floor

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