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David’s AWF Polyurea Project

“The polyurea product turned my floor into a thing of beauty!” – David

David installed the All Weather Floors Polyurea in his garage. His floor looks beautiful. After researching other box-store brands, David chose the Polyurea. The product differs from other garage floor coatings because of its unlimited pot life and single-component system. Ordering the product is easy because Garage Flooring LLC offers a variety of kits to suit your needs. These kits eliminate the guesswork by providing all the product you need for your garage size.

David’s review:

The polyurea product turned my floor into a thing of beauty! Probably over prepped the floor, but it ended up worth it.  With all of the issues I read on all the box store products, I’m glad I went with this. No issues in applying and dried really fast. Everyone that sees it loves it!!

What He Ordered:

  • 2 gallons of Clear AWF Polyurea
  • 2 gallons of Grey AWF Polyurea
  • 1 5lb of B310 Flake
  • 1 lb of Antiskid


When it comes to floor coatings, prep work is very important. To achieve a sufficient profile for product adhesion, acid-etch, acid-stain (for clear), diamond grind, or shot-blast your floor. Desired profile is between a CSP1 and a CSP2. Neutralize acid after acid-etching and allow for the floor to dry. If mechanical means is necessary, clear all dust.

Before Polyurea


Before Polyurea





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