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Adorable Dogs in Garages

Because They Are Cute

We love dogs! And honestly, who doesn’t? Customers send us photos of their beautiful garages all the time – and when we are really lucky, they send us a photo of their dog too! We thought it would be selfish to keep all of these photos to ourselves – so here is a collection of dog photos from different garage projects. Have photos of your dog on your awesome garage floor? Send them to us at triniti@garageflooringllc.com.

Four Paws Up

Why do these dogs hang out in the garage all the time? It must be the AMAZING garage floors that their owners installed. These floors are shopper approved and more importantly, dog approved.

Just a little paw-sh

The dog is adorable. The Car is hot. The TrueLock HD Extreme Coin tiles finish this garage paw-fectly.

Keith’s Tuff Garage

Keith installed the RaceDeck Tuff Shield diamond tiles. Keith’s German Shepard, Levi, and his Westi, Buddy love to lounge on the new RaceDeck Tuff Shield diamond tiles – I guess you could say they get 4…8 paws up?

The Garage Floor Guard Dog

The BLT Coin Pattern mats are easy-to-install, functional, and beautiful. No wonder this pup is guarding such a valuable asset!

Just dramatically gazing out the garage door.

Nothing to see here. Just a cute dog on some BLT flooring.

A rather fetching garage

This doggo is playing fetch on the RaceDeck Diamond tiles. With a low profile, the ball rolls over the floor easily – just like a creeper or rolling toolbox would.

Off to the races

We love how quick BLT products can be installed. Kenny installed the BLT Trailer flooring in his race trailer so he and his dog could be off to the races in no time at all.

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