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Tim’s Polyurea Project

What He Installed:

Tim installed a 1000 Sq. Ft. 2 Coat Polyurea Kit in his garage and chose the B310 Flake. Tim’s floor is beautiful!

Why Stress?

We recommend our polyurea kits to customers for a few key reasons. First, the polyurea has a virtually unlimited pot-life. Therefore, you can take your time with the installation process.  The coating provides durability without the stressful installation process typically associated with an epoxy coating. Second, the prep work for this product is manageable. We recommend acid-etching untreated concrete using the eco-etch product. This method is safer than working with muriatic acid. Finally, this product is available in kits. We already calculated the number of installation materials that you would need for a variety of installation projects – and created kits accordingly. We are committed to providing an easy installation process. Always feel free to call us at 800-956-4301 if you have more questions about your garage floor.

Tim’s Garage:

Tim's Polyurea Garage Floor

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