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Joseph’s TrueLock HD Diamond Garage

Awesome Garage. Durable Tile.

You look at Joseph’s garage and your first thought is ‘Wow, that is a nice garage!’  The TrueLock HD Diamond tiles leave this garage looking like a showroom. Then you find out that these tiles were actually installed almost three years ago – and still look AMAZING. When we say that our tiles are durable, we mean that our tiles pass the toughest industry tests and still look great years after the installation.

Cool Pattern.

Joseph didn’t use the typical checkerboard pattern for his garage tiles and I’m not really sure what you call his pattern – but it looks cool! We are ‘floored’ by his creativity. If you want to create your own unique pattern, check out our Garage Floor Tile Designer.

Joseph’s Review:

“I had ordered these Truelock HD diamond tiles a couple of years ago and they still look new. Vacuum and mop a couple of times per year and that’s all. I’m ordering some more for a detached garage we just built.”

Garage Photos:

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