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Robert’s Beautiful Polyurea Project

“The floor turned out really well” – Robert

Robert purchased a 500 sq. ft. polyurea kit for his 420 sq. ft. garage. This project turned out beautiful and clearly was installed well! We like how the colors of the flake (B310 Blend) match the wall decor and storage. What can we say? We have just a bit of #GarageEnvy.

Choice Product

The AWF Polyurea is an excellent choice for many garages because it is durable, easy-to-install, and aesthetically pleasing. Note that with any coating, the thinner you spread it – the less coverage you have, leaving your garage potentially less durable. We recommend using one gallon of polyurea per coat per 200 sq. ft. We love our polyurea kits because they provide enough materials for your installation. Unlike big-box brands, we don’t skimp on the product. We provide enough and a little more product for each kit’s corresponding square footage. Happy customers with nice garages are just more important than making a few extra dollars.

Need help picking out a kit or product? Give us a call at 800-956-4301 or chat with us on our website.

His Words:

The floor turned out really well and we’ve shared it on Facebook and folks love it. On a well-prepped and defect-free floor, it spreads really nice. I didn’t skimp either. We love it! And btw; your customer service leads were on point as well. Quick responses.

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