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William’s Workshop

“The tiles fit perfectly, and the final installation is terrific.” – William

William installed the TrueLock HD Extreme Coin tiles in a portion of his basement. In short, the installation looks great! The TrueLock HDXT Coin tiles are durable, beautiful, and functional. After decades of industry research, we designed this amazing tile. Because of the lightly-textured profile, the tiles promote traction. The tiles are also easy to roll over because of the nature of a small-coin profile. Order FREE SAMPLES. Amazing price. Beautiful tile. In other words, these tiles are a great deal.

“My thanks to Garage Flooring LLC.” – William

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William’s Testimony

Tile Choice:

I purchased a townhome with a completely finished and carpeted basement. To create a small workshop area and separate storage space, I designated a portion of the basement of approximately 7′-5″ x 16′-10″ (requiring 144 sq. ft. of tile). I removed the padded wall-to-wall carpet and separated the space with bi-parting sliding glass doors. I requested samples of interlocking floor tiles and chose TrueLock HD Extreme Coin Garage Tile for its design and durability after seeing the full-size sample, and Silver/Alloy color for aesthetics.


I raised the door threshold 5/8″ to accommodate the 1/2″ thick garage floor on the one side and the padded carpet on the other side of the doors. As recommended, I installed a basic landscape fabric (weed barrier) over the concrete floor slab and under the garage floor tile to absorb sound effects. I centered the garage floor tiles making sure that the cut edge tiles were equally sized at opposite walls and greater than a half-tile in width. I laid the entire field of full tiles perpendicular to and starting at the door threshold, and worked toward the end wall. Then,  I cut perimeter tiles in pairs on a table saw using a tungsten carbide fine-tooth finish blade.

Final Thoughts:

The tiles fit perfectly, and the final installation is terrific. I moved the entire workshop in, and the table saw and tool chest, being on casters, roll easily without resistance across the smaller coin pattern. The floor-standing drill press is cast iron, and it, too, was moved into place without incident. The floor has been complimented by everyone that has seen it. My thanks to Garage Flooring LLC, and their customer service representatives who answered my questions prior to my order, and who subsequently completed the transaction flawlessly.

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