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10 Questions to Ask Before Ordering Garage Floor Tiles

Garage floor tiles are a significant investment in your home. As a business owner, nothing is more frustrating than watching consumers being encouraged to make purchases using methods that feel more like sales tricks than a legitimate attempt to help the customer. We have sources for rigid tiles overseas. The truth is using these sources would be great for us, but we don’t feel it would be so good for the customer. We see companies offering what appear to be huge discounts that never seem to pan out, charging more for colors, and sending tiny little samples so you can’t really know what the tile is like. We can’t justify doing business that way.

In addition to the questions. I will tell you my answer to each of them as it pertains to TrueLock, TrueLock HD and TrueLock HDXT.

1. Where is the product made? Our rigid tiles are made in the USA
2. How thick is the product? Our product is about 1/2″ thick
3. Can I have a FREE full-size sample? Absolutely. Just click on samples in the menu.
4. Where does the product ship from? In our case it depends. HDXT ship from Colorado and HD ship from Utah.
5. How does the product ship? UPS Ground for orders under 1000 tiles. XPO freight for orders over 1000 tiles. Some exceptions can be made
6. Will the product allow moisture to evaporate? Yes
7. How much room is required for expansion and contraction? 1/4 Inch to 1/2 Inch. We are comfortable with 1/4″ if you leave the tiles in the hot sun before doing the install
8. If the product is made overseas, do you have testing to show that it is lead-free and formaldehyde free? Our product is Made in the USA
9. Do you have a picture of the underside of the tile? How far apart is the support structure? Yes, watch our comparison video.
10. Forget all the discounts, what is my net price per square foot delivered? The price is shown on the page. No games.

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