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Kristy & Richard’s Workshop

“We love your product and the end result.” – Kristy and Richard

Kristy and Richard installed a 2-coat polyurea system with a grey base and a blend of black, white, and grey flake. The workshop is beautiful, and as Kristy puts it, the floor is the “crowning touch.” A Polyurea kit is an excellent choice for many DIY customers as it eliminates the guesswork when it comes down to, “how much will I need?”  On undamaged and uncoated concrete, the Polyurea requires less prep-work than an epoxy coating. The unlimited pot-life of the polyurea allows for DIY-ers to take time with the installation process.

When You Order From Us…

“We appreciate your interest and follow-up.”

When you call the office, you won’t talk to a robot or even someone from a call center – you’ll speak with a trained expert that will help you make an informed decision on your purchase.  When you order from us, we want to know how your garage turned out. We want to see if you like the product. We want to know if there is anything we can do better. That’s because you aren’t just a transaction to us – You’re a human being. We follow up on every order from Garage Flooring LLC because you matter to us.  We even want to brag about how awesome your garage turned out.  Email photos to Triniti@garageflooringllc.com and we’ll share your comments and pictures with other garage enthusiasts.

“We appreciate your personal touch from a business, as it is rare in this day and age.”

Kristy’s Comments:

Thank you for reaching out about the garage floor product we recently purchased from your company. We appreciate your interest and follow-up. After much research on garage floor products, my husband Richard decided to purchase from Garage Flooring, LLC.

We took great care to prepare the cement for your product and followed your instructions to the letter. We were also impressed with the complete array of items included in our garage floor kit, even down to the paint rollers! Nice touch.

Richard is now in the process of setting up his woodworking shop again in his upgraded garage, with your flooring as the crowning touch! The floor turned out beautifully, and we have shown it off to several neighbors, who also love the results. We hope this floor will look as good years down the road as it does today. We are so pleased with how the floor classes up the workshop!

Thank you again for reaching out. We appreciate your personal touch from a business, as it is rare in this day and age.

What They Ordered:

  • 500 Square Ft 2-Coat Polyurea System
    • Grey Base
    • B-602 Flake

What Came in Their Kit?

  • 4 Clear Gallons of AWF Polyurea
  • 2 Clear Quarts of AWF Polyurea
  • 3 Packages of Grey Tint
  • 5 Pounds of Flake
  • 2 Pounds of Antiskid
  • 3 Roller Covers


B-602 Flake Blend

Installation Process:

Finished Workshop:

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