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The Cure for Garage Envy

Garage Envy Treatment

Steven ‘accidentally’ infected an entire neighborhood with garage envy. Oops? Thankfully, as garage experts, we at Garage Flooring LLC are well-equipped to handle such outbreaks. Garage envy is treatable with a variety of methods. Persons can order garage floor tiles, coatings, mats, or storage to treat their envy. You may consult an expert to decide which treatment is best for you at 1-800-956-4301.

After installation, the garage door should be left open to show neighbors and friends. The treatment is most successful if persons send photos of their new garage to Triniti@garageflooringllc.com for further boasting on the Garage Flooring LLC blog.

Side Effects Include:

  • Extreme Excitement
  • Refusal to Leave the Garage
  • Dancing for Joy
  • The Infection of Neighbors with Garage Envy (you win some, you lose some)

“Love It” – Steven

Steven installed black and alloy TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles. He told us he loves it – and we love it too!  The alloy and black look great together. With garage floor tiles, opting for a silver/alloy tile over a white flooring is always a good choice for the same reason that you wouldn’t put a toddler in a white shirt.  Although it is easier to wipe dirt off a tile than it is getting a stain out of a shirt, dirt and grime are less noticeable on an alloy tile. The TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles are a popular choice among customers because they leave a safe and clean space for walking on. Anything that flows through the tiles can be easily cleaned with a shop-vac.

Steven’s Words:

Justin was very helpful and great to work with, and I love the way my garage looks with the 12″ tiles I installed. Installation was easy, and the product is high quality as well. My neighbors now have garage envy, and I will definitely send them Justin’s way!

What He Installed:

  • 165 Alloy TrueLock HD Ribbed Tiles
  • 165 Black TrueLock HD Ribbed Tiles
  • 33 Black TrueLock HD Female Edges
  • 37 Black TrueLock HD Male Edges
  • 4 Black TrueLock HD Male Edge and Corner
  • 4 Black TrueLock HD Female Edge and Corner



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