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Garage Floor Tiles : Our Top Choices & Why

An updated article Best Garage Floor Tiles March 2022 is available. A popular choice for people looking to renovate their garage floors is garage floor tiles. If you’ve decided on garage floor tiles over some of the other options out there, like epoxy or mats, you’ve made a great choice. Here’s why we think so: 

The Benefits of Garage Floor Tiles

Garage floor tiles have the advantage of being installed with minimal prep work, unlike epoxy, acrylic sealers or other coatings, that will utterly fail if you don’t clean, etch and dry the concrete flooring thoroughly beforehand. Tiles also beat out sealers when considering the chemicals involved in installing the sealers; Garage floor tile installation won’t leave behind any messes, or harsh chemical smells in the air. The installation process is usually straightforward and relatively fast. 

Garage Floor tiles are also versatile; you can choose between rigid tiles or flexible tiles – the choice here just depends on your usage of the space. If you want more stain resistance and care about the aesthetic as a high priority, rigid might be the best play. But if you want something that is softer, more comfortable underfoot, flexible tiles are the way to go. 

In Our Expert Opinion…

When weighing all your garage floor tile options, you’ll find a wide array of choices out there, even if you narrow it down by flexible or rigid. At Garage Flooring LLC, our Co-Founder and President, Justin Krauss, is a home improvement industry veteran, having worked in it since 1990. He knows his stuff, and because of this, we are able to make practical, useful assessments of all the garage flooring options we carry. 

In our expert opinion, we recommend garage floor tiles as a flooring option overall; but more specifically, these three options are some of Justin’s favorite garage floor tiles that he himself would use in his own garage. Keep in mind, there is no one-size-fits-all recommendation, given that each individual garage owner needs the space for different purposes, but these three recommendations are a safe bet for most. 

American Made HD Extreme Coin Garage Floor Tiles

While some of our customers just use their garage to park their cars in, others spend a great deal of time there. Some are hobby mechanics, and others use it as a workspace for different DIY projects. That means traction is important. The coin tile flooring for garages is the perfect solution because the coin texture not only looks great and uniform throughout the space, but it also makes it easy to roll tool boxes, and jack stands, chairs and other things across it. The HD extreme tiles are significantly heavier than most of its competitors’ floor tiles.  A few other reasons why we love this tile flooring option:

  • Easy to clean
  • Provides unbeatable traction and practicality
  • The perfect union of function, beauty, and price
  • Can be interlocked with HD ribbed for drainage 
  • Features airflow that helps protect against mold growth
  • Comes with a 12-year manufacturer’s warranty 

HD Extreme Diamond Garage Tile

If your priority is a cool looking space above everything else, then we highly recommend the HD extreme diamond garage floor tile option. You might be thinking that a diamond floor is going to make it impossible to get anything done in the garage, but this floor tile was created to get the best of both worlds: you get that classic diamond plate floor look, with a slightly lowered profile so that you can still roll cabinets and toolboxes on it, once in a while. Keep in mind; if you need to do this all the time, the coin texture might make more sense for you. As mentioned before, this HD extreme tile is heavier than other products out there by the competitors. This flooring gives your garage that amazing diamond floor looks along with the practicality of daily use. Here are some other reasons we love this flooring:

  • Provides good grip for those walking on it, thanks to the aggressive texture
  • Designed for the show garage and man cave without completely sacrificing practicality
  • Easy to install with male/female edges
  • Can be interlocked with HD ribbed for drainage
  • Comes with a 12-year manufacturer’s warranty

TrueLock HD Ribbed Flow Through

For garages that get wet often, the TrueLock HD Ribbed Flow Through is the absolute best choice. The texture is designed to let water, sludge, and grime fall through it, making it so that you can walk on a clean surface. Priced competitively lower than the national brand, this option can be combined with other tile types like the diamond and the coin garage tiling to create a workable drainage system. Beyond just practicality and airflow, this texture can be arranged to make your garage floor look great. Some of our customers’ favorite garage renovations have been made with this type of flooring. Here is some other response we love the TrueLock HD Ribbed Flow Through flooring: 

  • Easy to clean – no removal needed to wash underneath. Wash or shop vac right through them. 
  • Great for places with rain, snow 
  • Makes for a great floor drain section in a garage if you don’t want this look throughout 
  • Comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty 

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