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Greg’s 100%-Solids Epoxy Project

“I love your product” – Greg

Greg purchased and installed the Medium-Grey 100%-Solids Epoxy with a random broadcast flake. His garage looks great and he clearly did a good job with the install! The 100%-Solids epoxy achieves a high-build system with outstanding chemical resistance and performance. The 100% means that there is no solvent in the epoxy, and the floor will not shrink as it cures. In other words, a 100%-Solids Epoxy is a really thick floor coating that may hide concrete damage better than other garage floor coatings.

Coating Kits:

While we love the 100%-solids epoxy,  many will find that a Polyurea floor coating or a high-solids epoxy will be easier to install. These products, while typically not as thick, provide high-quality and durable coverage.

For whatever product you choose, Garage Flooring LLC put together a variety of kits to suit your needs. Kits are available in a variety of color and flake options for the Polyurea Coating, the High-Solids Epoxy, and the 100%-Solids Epoxy. For the customer is unable to find a good-fit kit for their garage, the products are also available for purchase a-la-carte.

Greg’s Words:

  I purchased your product for my new garage a few months back and am now just getting around to writing you this letter. You have an amazing product. It went on just like the instructions stated. Everyone that sees my new garage comments about how beautiful the floor is right off the bat. My neighbor Tom (pictured) and I applied the product ourselves with very little experience in doing so. I love the end result. I called you several times with questions, and you were very polite in responding quickly and answering my questions. You even gave me your cell number in case I ran into trouble. If you need any recommendations or testimonials, I am your guy. I love your product.

What He Ordered:

  • 2 500-square-foot 100%-Solids Epoxy Kits
    • Medium Grey
    • BL9 Flake
  • 1 250-square-foot 100%-Solids Epoxy Kit
    • Medium Grey
    • BL9 Flake

Greg’s Photos

Process Photo:

Flake Close-Up

Full Garage:



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