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Robert’s Floor

“Everything kept pointing back to Garage Flooring of Colorado.”

Robert installed the All Weather Floors Polyurea. His floor looks great. Also, we love the un-flaked grey threshold – nice detail! Robert told us that our AWF Polyurea instructions and videos gave him “the confidence to install it.” Which is awesome, because that’s why we make the content!

Robert’s research and use of our instructional videos and other content clearly paid off. In other words, his floor turned out great! We love Robert’s product choice because the AWF Polyurea is exceptionally durable and easier to install than other garage floor coatings.

After installing the AWF Polyurea, Robert couldn’t help but paint his walls to match the quality of his floor. So while we usually say that the AWF Polyurea is less work than other garage floor coatings, this project might just be the exception. : )

“I highly recommend them, and it will save you thousands of dollars!!”

Our Goals? First, to provide top-notch customer service. Then, to provide quality products at affordable prices. Furthermore, we want for you to get the garage of your dreams and to let us assist you with the process. Why? Because that’s good business.

Robert’s Testimony

I did my research, and everything kept pointing back to Garage Flooring of Colorado. I used their online chat feature many times to answer my questions. I also called, and they were professional at every step of the process. I bought their 500 sq ft polyurea system for my 550 sq ft garage. Their instructions and videos were extremely helpful and gave me the confidence to install it. My garage floor looks awesome! I highly recommend them, and it will save you thousands of dollars!!

We painted the garage walls after seeing how nice our floor looked.  Wasn’t planning on that but it all looks great.

What He Installed:

  • 1 2-Coat 500-Sq.Ft. Polyurea Kit
    • Grey Base
    • B310 Flake

Robert’s Photos:



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