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Steve’s Trailer Flooring

The Basics:

Steve installed the BLT Small Coin Trailer Flooring.  He did a great job with the installation, and his trailer looks great! Not to mention the 1994 Dodge Stealth R/T twin-turbo Hennessey, which is pretty cool too!  The trailer flooring is American-Made in Kansas and shipped to you, directly from the manufacturer. We offer the BLT Trailer flooring in both pre-cut rolls and custom-cut rolls. Special pricing is available for OEM Trailer Manufacturers and may be requested here.

Our Recommendation:

For a glue-down installation, we strongly recommend the felt-back material. The felt backer also adds an extra layer of cushion. Additionally, the felt helps with expansion and contraction issues associated with other flooring product. For the adhesive, we recommend using the G-Floor Marine and Outdoor Adhesive. Why? Because the adhesive was created for installations like this; designed for rugged trailer environments. While there are other adhesives on the market, we cannot be responsible for how they interact with the materials.  Check out our installation tips and instructions, because it’s excellent information to know!

The Photos:

“The Trailer Queen”




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