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Our One-Star Reviews

Our Business Model

As a small business, we rely heavily on customer reviews and testimonials to compete with our big-box store competitors. Upon ordering from us, customers receive an email from Justin Krauss, the owner of the company. In that email, they will find Justin’s personal cell number and an invite to call or text him with any comments or questions. Why? Because how our customers perceive us and our products is extremely important to us. Because we want our customers to enjoy installing the garage of our dreams. But most importantly, because customer service is our top priority. We go to great lengths to provide customers the care they deserve, even if that involves sacrificing some profit.

The Stats:

Shopper Approved is a third-party review collection tool that we use to gauge how we are doing as a business. Since 2011, We have received 11,488 ratings.

  • Over 97% of our customers rate us at either 4 or 5 stars.
  • 9, 571 5-Star Ratings (83.3%)
  • And then, we have 17 total one-star ratings. That’s .0015% of our 11,488 ratings.
  • Our average rating is a 4.84
  • Our median rating is the full 5, which is probs more important anyways.

In other words, we are darn good at our job.

On a bar graph, our one and two-star ratings don’t even register.

You must be wondering…

What did we do to deserve those one-star reviews? We’ll show you. Why? While we have over 9000 five-star reviews, those 17 still bring our average rating down…and make us sad. And after hours of reading various articles and Reddit threads (shh, don’t tell my boss!) on how to cope with the reviews, we figured we would just let you laugh with us…or at us?

Because we are good people, and even though these one-star reviews will forever be listed about our business, we chose to conceal our reviewer’s identities. However, if you want to see all of our reviews, check out our Shopper Approved. We have nothing to hide.

It’s Not Me, It’s You.

Probably one of the top reasons that people will leave one-star reviews:

Just One Question…


This Review Isn’t Easy Tomprocess

I didn’t think math worked like this…

Don’t knock it until you try it?

Or do, whatever bro.

Remember that one time we became Amazon?

Oh wait…didn’t happen and we’ll be salty until we’re worth half of Jeff Bezos. To help explain the issue, here is a link to Amazon Help. Skip to “gift cards entered into your Amazon account cannot be used when making purchases with Amazon Pay on third-party websites,” and take it up with Amazon.

Maybe We Shouldn’t Do This Again

It was a great experience, but overall, we aren’t very satisfied with the review.

Kaizen = Continous Improvement

If you check out our one-star reviews…the most legitimate complaint that you’ll find is about our website interface. This is one from 2015 and our website has come a long way. 2015 was our awkward Middle School Phase. We are all about kaizen and proud to say that we have had quite the glow-up!

That being said, if you ever have trouble with our site, just give us a call and we can process the order over the phone!

Bonus Material: 2-Star Reviews

Because we are all about problem-solving.

Two Words

Numbers Lock

We’re Just Getting Mixed Signals

Thanks for being understanding…Oh wait…that was us.

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