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Nicole’s Epoxy Project

“We had an incredible experience.” – Nicole

Nicole installed the epoxy and did a great job!

When it comes to installing epoxy, the prep-work is extremely important. We also recommend that, like Nicole, you use a primer. Epoxy primers promote a more exceptional performance of your floors.

Our epoxies are high-quality and perform well. While we love epoxies, we recommend that DIY customers consider the AWF Polyurea. The AWF Polyurea traditionally requires less prep work and has an unlimited pot life. In other words, it is easy to install while providing comparable coverage.

Nicole’s Testimony

The ordering process was incredibly easy. The website has a calculator that helps you determine how much you need for each project. Shipping was a little longer than we anticipated, but still a very reasonable time. All the boxes arrived at our home in 7-10ish days. Service was better than anything I’ve ever experienced. I immediately received a thank you from the company after ordering, they were able to quickly respond to my question regarding the shipping time frame, and when we started the project on a Saturday and had questions, there was someone available via live chat to send links and answer all our questions. Most information was available on the website, but what wasn’t available was quickly sent to us.

As for the product, we chose to epoxy our garage. We used primer, epoxy, paint flecks, and the topcoat. It was insanely easy to use and came out better than we could have ever expected. We are home improvement novices and had no issue at all! Overall, I would strongly recommend. We had an incredible experience and will be happy to recommend to all of our family and friends.

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Progress Photos:


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