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Year in Customer Reviews: TruContain® Containment Mats

“Super fast shipping, and great quality product.” – Stephen

The best-selling product of winter? Our TruContain® Containment Mats. There’s no question about it. We could brag about the mat all we wanted to – but we truly feel that the best information comes from our customer reviews. Thus, we found recent reviews from real customers on the TruContain® mats and copied and pasted them into this list. No filter. No editing. Before we get to the reviews, let’s discuss the basics.

What’s a Containment Mat and Why Do I Want One?

The TruContain® Containment Mat is effectively an impermeable mat with welded-on edges that can be driven over.

The concept of a containment mat is simple. When one drives into the garage during the winter, there is often snow, slush, and salt sticking to the vehicle. In the warmth of the garage, the snow melts and water and debris fall off the vehicle. The containment mat protects concrete and items in the garage by containing (hence the name) the particles on the mat. The mat can be cleaned later.

The highest-demand for the mats comes from areas with high rates of precipitation.

But, How Much Will It Cost Me?

The TruContain® Containment Mats are a cost-effective solution to a wide-spread problem. The mat wasn’t designed for frills, but function.

The actual cost depends on customer needs regarding size and effectiveness. Use our size-calculator to find a mat that fits your car. The regular mats are currently on sale for $139 – $250. HD mats feature a thicker material that’s ideal for high-use environments – they also cost more.

If you live in the contiguous United States – shipping is free!

So, What’s the Catch?

You *might* encounter some of our ridiculous puns that we use to market the product: We can hardly contain ourselves (Ba-dum-tss). 

But embrace it with us by commenting some punny suggestions using the word “contain.”

Real Customer Reviews:

This is a collection of TruContain® customer reviews from the past year or so. Some customers chose to review anonymously.

Extremely Fast

Shipping was extremely fast. The TruContain mat was exactly as described and was easy to get situated in my garage. I am looking forward to keeping my basement dry this winter!” – AM

Awesome Customer Service

“I purchased a garage floor mat that didn’t work at all for me. I contacted Justin who agreed to replace that with a Tru-Containment mat. That works great !! AWESOME customer service.” – Jeffery

Great Quality Product

“Super Fast shipping, and great quality product Ordered a HD containment mat. Will be ordering a second one shortly. Thank you!” – Stephen

Good Price

“I park my car in my airplane hangar and, of course, like to keep things clean and neat. With winters accumulation of snow, frost and ice on the car melting in the warm hangar, the mess spreads to places I don’t want it to be. Then I found these garage mats and they are just what was needed. Unlike other mats which lay down but do not stop water from migrating, these mats have a firm perimeter ridge of solid material which contains the water and keeps it localized on the mat. A quick swipe with a shop broom pushes the water out the door and voila, clean and neat returns to the premises. A good product for a good price. I bought two.” – Drew

Easy Installation

The 8 1/2′ x 20′ extra heavy containment mat seems to be built just fine. Easy installation we just have not had inclement weather to test it out yet. I’m sure it will be just fine.” – Terry

Did Exactly What It Was Supposed to Do

The flooring arrived on time and intact and it was a simple procedure to lay it out on my garage floor. After driving in a heavy rain I pulled onto the mat and it did exactly what it was supposed to do, keeping the runoff from running sideways (my garage is not pitched, properly) and containing it. I especially appreciate the inclusion of the big squeegee to push the water to the end of the pad and out the garage door.

The real test will come in the winter when the snow and slush packed in the wheel wells fall off onto the mat but I have no doubt it will work as intended. My only very minor issue, is that the mat remains wrinkled and does not lay flat at the edges, This is likely due to the stiffness of the mat resulting from cold October temperature and I would expect it will flatten out completely, in summer heat.” – Paul

Fast Delivery

“Trucontainment mat is amazing! We are extremely satisfied with the product and it’s fast delivery!” – Anonymous

Holds All the Slush and Mud

These mats are the best! I had them in my garage at old house. Moving in new house they are a must. They hold all slush and mud. A must especially in Montana”- Pamela

Very Pleased

“So far it is working great at keeping the water from going all over the garage. The only issue we have is that is does not lay completely flat, but this is probably because it was so cold when we received it and still is. This does not stop it from keeping the water contained. We are very pleased with the product so far.” – Rhonda


“Great product. Having snow, ice, mud, water running around my garage is a pain. This product stopped my problems immediately. Nice to keep a car in the garage without making a mess. Heavy material, raised edge on all 4 sides, put together well. AWESOME!!!! Thank you.” – Dana

Very Durable

So far so good. I find the product as advertised and am very pleased with the appearance and quality. I especially like the way the edge containment is welded to the mat. It seems to be very durable. Thank you.” – Richard

Exactly As Described

“Product was exactly as described and very happy with the garage containment system that we purchased.” – Irene

Performs Very Well

“I ordered two, different sizes. They shipped the same day I ordered. Sent followup emails to ensure all was fine. I installed in dead of winter, so the mats don’t lay perfectly flat. I expect that to improve when the weather warms. But they perform very well just they way they are. No more water and road mud all over the garage” – Larry

Would Recommend to Others

Fast shipping. Arrived on time. I like the look of the containment system. Would recommend to others.” – Robin

Satisfied With This Purchase

Ordered a garage floor mat to keep the salty water from my car off my concrete floor. Mat arrived as scheduled in great condition. Seems like a sturdy mat that will stand up to the elements and more importantly keep the water in it. I am satisfied with this purchase.” – Heather

Responses were Immediate, Helpful, and Pleasant

“Very easy-to-use website with great product descriptions as well as additional information. I had a couple of quick questions prior to placing my order, so I used the online chat feature. The responses were immediate, helpful, and pleasant. Looking forward to receiving my TruContain HD mat . . . and to having a dry garage this winter!” – Christina

Works Great

“Works great to contain snow and salt mess.” – Linda

Perfect Solution

The garage floor tiles and containment mat in my combination garage / exercise room are the perfect solution to achieve and maintain a clean and professional appearance.” – Les

Just What I Needed

“The mat was so easy to put down Being a senior female I was able to handle it fine. It appears to be just what I needed to contain snow in my garage.” – Susie


“Easy ordering, containment mat seems durable, well-made. I haven’t had it long enough to tell how well it wears.” – Lynn

Nicely Contained

“Product came quickly and has solved our problem of bringing in snow that melts off our vehicles and used to run all over the garage floor. Now it is nicely contained! We are hoping that in the spring we can just pull them out and hose them off to remove the dirt and dust and mud that we bring in from the gravel road. It was always a mess to try to sweep out the garage because it just stirred up dust that landed on everything else. And we couldn’t hose out the garage because we don’t have a drain in there. These will be great!” – Pamela

High Quality

“Containment mats arrived as promised. Seem to be very high quality. ” – Alex

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