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3 Garage Flooring Ideas To Keep In Mind When Renovating Your Home

When it comes time to renovating your home, many homeowners immediately think of installing new countertops in the kitchen, hardwood flooring in the main parts of the house, or statement tiles in the bathroom. But another space often forgotten is the garage. While its not the most obvious space in the house, a well-designed garage space can add some serious value to a home. Homeowners selling the home can increase the price of the home with investment in the area.  Homeowners living in the house will be able to get more uses out of their square footage.

Deciding how to remodel your garage space all depends on how you intend to use the space. Will you be mainly just parking your cars in the garage? Or do you plan on using the space as a workshop, storing tools, and rolling tool cabinets around? Garages are also often used as mixed spaces, including both storage and other functional purposes. With a smart renovation plan, you can have a space that not only serves as storage and a workspace but can also accommodate play – some homeowners with enough square footage in the garage and a clever layout have even been able to add entertainment elements like dart boards, foosball tables and more.

Once you decide on what you’ll use the space for, you’ll need to decide on the flooring. Which garage floor type you choose can have a serious impact on the overall look and use of your garage. Here are three garage flooring ideas that could be great choices if you’re looking to redo your garage.

Garage Flooring Interlocking Tiles

Typically made from polypropylene, heavy-duty rubber or vinyl, garage floor interlocking tiles snap together and offer a long term and durable solution that completely revamps the garage. There is a surprisingly wide variety of patterns and colors of garage floor tiles. Because they interlock, you can get creative with the design by mixing colors and textures to create a custom feel. Interlocking tiles are an excellent option for DIY remodeling solutions as the installation is easy and straightforward. It is important to clean and dry the floor underneath very thoroughly before installing, so as not to trap any moisture or dirt underfoot.

Interlocking Tiles offer a great selection of colors and patterns; if you’re looking for something easy to walk on and roll cabinets across, the Small Coin Garage Tile can be the most practical, thanks to the low profile that won’t have cabinets and small wheels catching on the texture. It is comfortable to walk on, resilient, and makes spaces look uniform and tidy. There are also ribbed tiles, which can be interlocked together to create striking designs and can offer airflow through to the floor underneath to keep it dry, which is ideal for areas with high levels of snow and rainfall. This is also advantageous during the hot summer months to avoid expansion and contraction. For an impactful look that is also resilient and durable, the interlocking Diamond Tiles are another great option that gives the floor a stand-out aesthetic. These are also highly durable.

Garage Floor Mats

For homeowners seeking an easy garage flooring solution, garage roll-out mats provide a straightforward, one-day installation with minimal work involved. Unlike other types of garage flooring solutions, with garage roll out floor mats, you just have to roll out the mat, cut off the excess and enjoy the new look and feel of your garage space. Prep work is easy and only requires you to thoroughly clean the floor underneath and make sure it’s dry to avoid laying the mat over moisture that could create mold later on. Roll out mats offer wall-to-wall coverage for garage floors and help protect against dirt, snow, and moisture. For areas prone to oil spills, absorbent garage mats protect the floor underfoot. You have a decent selection of mat types, from rubber flooring, marine flooring, trailer flooring, graphite or pewter diamond deck mats, mats with snap-on edges, and more. If you want to revamp your garage space but want a completely hassle-free installation process, garage floor mats are highly recommended.

Epoxy Floors for Garages

Probably the most dramatic garage floor will come from the epoxy floor coating. Epoxy is a mixture of resin and hardeners that offer the perfectly sealed solution to coating your garage floor. The result is a stunning, glossy-looking floor. The actual color, design, and texture underneath the sealer are endless, which is why this type of flooring is so popular and used in everything from commercial garages and workshops to high-end showrooms.

While this type of flooring is probably the most aesthetically outstanding, there is a more difficult installation process. There are several steps required, beginning with thoroughly cleaning the concrete floor underneath, then etching it so that the epoxy layers can properly bind to it. After this, you need to mix the epoxy, add the base coat, paint on the epoxy layers, letting each layer dry before adding the next layer. After you build the desired thickness, you’ll be adding the finisher and letting it sit overnight. 

If your concrete garage flooring has moisture in it or is prone to collecting moisture, this may not be the best solution for you, since it could seriously impact the success or failure of the epoxy flooring installation. DIY savvy homeowners can choose from epoxy kits that help them make the process more streamlined by containing the base coat, clear coat, flakes, roller covers, and anti-skid additives. For spaces where there will be spills, rolling cabinets, and foot traffic, epoxy is perfect not only for aesthetic value but also practically, as it is the best protection against damage to the concrete floor, is a durable, resilient material and is extremely simple to clean.

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