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Steve’s Norsk Garage

“Very Happy. My floor turned out great.”

Steve installed the Norsk Diamond Black tiles. The Norsk tiles are a PVC, flexible tile. His garage looks excellent and features a comfortable space for walking on.  The sleek black tiles will better hide any tire marks than other PVC tiles.

What’s A PVC Flexible Tile?

In the realm of garage flooring, we offer two different types of tiles. The more popular tile among our customers is a TrueLock rigid tile. The rigid tiles are hard polypropylene interlocking tiles. They do not bend. In contrast, the PVC flexible tiles do bend. Because of their design and materials, they do not make the hollow sound that is often associated with rigid tiles.

Along with Norsk PVC Tiles, we also sell TrueLock PVC tiles. The types of tiles contrast in the patterns and colors available. Additionally, there is a slight difference in the locking systems that each tile provides.

Why Would I Want One?

First, these tiles don’t come with the hollow sound associated with rigid tiles.

Second, flexible tiles are easy to install.

  • The easy installation process first comes from the nature of the locking system. With a rigid tile, there are male and female edges that dictate the direction and starting point of the installation process. With our featured flexible tiles (there are other ones on the market), all sides of the tile are the same. In other words, you don’t need to worry about what point in the garage you start the tiles from or what types of edges you order.
  • Then, the tiles are softer. Furthermore, they are easier to trim when needed.
  • Finally, the tiles cover more space than many rigid tiles; there are fewer tiles to install.

Third, the tiles are ‘softer’ to walk on. Some customers have reported that flexible tiles feel nicer to walk on with bare feet.

Fourth, the tiles are durable. The tiles feature resistance to most chemicals and solvents.

Fifth, the Norsk tiles boast a Patented Air-Dry design that allows moisture to evaporate or weep away.

Why Choose Rigid Tiles Instead?

It is easier to stain flexible tiles. In garages with high traffic, a rigid tile is much more practical. We highly recommend Hilway Direct Plus Floor Finish & Cleaner with EVERY TrueLock PVC purchase. The floor finish can combat staining.

Additionally, some customers like the look of a rigid tile better. Or they prefer the greater number of options regarding color and pattern. The locking design on our flexible tiles can be distracting if alternating colors because it is on the outside of the tile. Whereas, the tile design of a rigid tile is hidden on the inside of the tile.

Free Samples:

We firmly believe that samples are key to the decision-making process. This is why we offer free samples. Totally free – there is no shipping cost. We ship anywhere in the contiguous United States. Order free samples.

For extra guidance from which tile to choose to how to install it – just call us or use our online chat feature during business hours. You can get a hold of us at 1-800-956-4301

Steve’s Garage

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