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Floor Tile Ideas For Your Home Garage

If you decided it’s time to give your garage a revamp, the fun part begins now. Visualize your finished garage. The final result depends on two things. First, How will you use the space? Second, How do you want your area to look?

A few things to think about using the garage for:

  • Storage
  • Parking
  • Workshop
  • Social Area
  • Car-Repair Space

Some customers will prioritize function over style or prefer simplicity. Other customers desire their garage to be the envy of the neighborhood with jaw-dropping flooring and decor.

Understanding the desired functionality of the floor is key to deciding what type of flooring to purchase. If you would like advice or guidance on choosing a product that best fits your needs and desires, give us a call at 1-800-956-4301.

One versatile flooring option is garage-floor tiles. Garage floor tiles are a customer favorite because there is a wide variety of brands, colors, and patterns available. The design possibilities are endless.

Depending on the tile chosen, the installation process ranges from easy to even easier. It all depends on which tiles you want and how you lay them out.

For the homeowner looking to use garage-floor tiles, here are some different concepts and choices to consider.

Small-Coin Garage Tile Flooring

One of the most functional and heavy-duty tiles on the market is the TrueLock HDXT Small Coin garage tile. For garages on which you expect to roll cabinets and creepers, the low-profile version of the coin garage tile flooring is ideal. It’s also resilient against the wear and tear of a working garage. Installation is easy with the featured interlocking system. Many customers enjoy mixing the small-coin tiles with a ribbed tile to maximize function.

Diamond-Plated Garage Tile Flooring

Another popular garage flooring style is the diamond-plated tile. The Extreme Diamond Tile option gives you that classic “garage” aesthetic. If you desire a more edgy look in the garage while also valuing durability; this is your flooring tile.

The interlocking system also makes installation a doable task. The 12-year warranty on the HDXT Tiles gives you confidence as a buyer. These tiles are mixable with other TrueLock tiles. Channel an Indy 500 vibe with checkerboard patterns. While we love the black or red and white design, we recommend opting for an alloy tile to better disguise dirt.

For customers desiring a surface that is easier to roll over, we recommend the TrueLock HDXT Coin tiles. Or, for customers who still want a diamond plate, RaceDeck Diamond tiles feature a lower profile. However, the surface looks less like a diamond than the TrueLock HDXT brand. We always recommend ordering FREE samples to make a more informed decision.

Ribbed Garage Flooring Tile

Another popular flooring option that successfully delivers both aesthetics and practicality is the Ribbed Flow Garage Flooring Tile. This interlocking flooring tile allows airflow under the tile to keep the concrete dry and to prevent a mold build-up. It is ideal for areas with lots of rainfall in the summer months and snow in winter. It is also a strategic choice for combatting expansion and contraction in the summer months.

Beyond the practicality, we love the style of this flooring. With the interlocking tile system, it’s easy to mix and match the colors and textures of the TrueLock brand. Some customers use this tile for specific areas in the garage that might need drainage or extra airflow. Snap the ribbed tiles together to create designs in your garage space. See our blog, where we feature real customers’ garages, for some garage inspiration.

Mix it Up

As mentioned before, using interlocking tiles for your garage flooring frees you up to be creative. You can create virtually any combination of colors and textures that you want to achieve your perfect look.

Other Tiles

We love the TrueLock brand for its price point, durability, style, and function. However, we also offer the RaceDeck and RaceDeck TuffShield brand for customers who desire a well-known brand with a longer manufacturer warranty.

Additionally, some customers desire a flexible tile. We offer those as well. We offer both the TrueLock PVC brand and the popular Norsk brand. These tiles are more comfortable to walk on and can be easier to install. But, we find that these tiles are more likely to stain.

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