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Dr. Detail’s Car Shop

“Extremely Impressed”

These garage floor tiles are just what the doctor ordered. Seriously though, Doctor Detail with Dr. Detail’s Carsmetology ordered the TrueLock HDXT Small Coin tiles for his shop floor (Ha! We think we’re funny). The shop looks fantastic!

The TrueLock HDXT, Small Coin tiles, are a fantastic fit in garage workspaces. Because of their profile, customers love the HDXT Small coin. The tiles, with the small-coin pattern, promote easy rolling with creepers or other tools. Additionally, the light texture on each small coin prevents slipping. Lastly, the tiles, like our others, are very durable and chemical resistant.


I have a 7000 SQ FT facility that’s needs flooring throughout.  I decided to try the HDXT coin tile for the first 700 sq ft area and am extremely impressed. Will be ordering an additional 6000 tiles soon!!  VERY SATISFIED WITH PRODUCT AND RESULTS.

The Doctor’s Order:

  • 278 Gray TrueLock HDXT Small Coin Tiles
  • 278 Royal Blue TrueLock HDXT Small Coin Tiles
  • 144 Black TrueLock HDXT Small Coin Tiles
  • 10 Black Female TrueLock HD Edges
  • 20 Black Male TrueLock HD Edges

The Photo:



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