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Chris’ Awesome Garage

“It is a game-changer.” – Chris

It’s tiring to look at that one dull and dusty spot inside your home. The garage is one of the largest rooms in the house – and the most likely to go to waste. Why? As Chris puts it, the space lacks personality. Thankfully, garage floor tiles are a game-changer. What was once boring and ugly concrete is now a unique expression of character.

Chris transformed his garage using the RaceDeck Free-Flow tiles. These tiles are a customer favorite because they allow debris to fall through the tile to clean up later. The Free-Flow tiles leave a clean space for walking on and are easily cleaned with a shop vac. A less expensive option with the same benefit is the TrueLock HD Ribbed tile; the tile comes with a shorter manufacturer warranty. Order free samples here.

Chris’ Review:

Garage looks awesome. It is a game changer. To go from a space that lacks personality and character to a place that looks like a showroom is a no-brainer. Worth every cent to enjoy the space and express my personality. 

What He Ordered:

  • 285 Alloy RaceDeck FreeFlow tiles
  • 285 Graphite RaceDeck FreeFlow tiles
  • 50 Black RaceDeck FreeFlow tiles
  • 25 Female RaceDeck Edges
  • 25 Male RaceDeck Edges
  • 4 Male RaceDeck Edge and Corners
  • 4 Female RaceDeck Edge and Corners


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