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Curt’s Nebraska Garage

I would recommend this to anyone! – Curt

Curt’s garage might just remind you of your favorite football team. Frankly, we were floored by how much of a Nebraska Football fan Curt is — actually he was floored, we just helped. This quintessential man cave was designed with the TrueLock HDXT Diamond tiles. The TrueLock HDXT Diamond tiles are an awesome choice because of the sleek low profile that combines function and beauty. These tiles are mix-and-matchable with any TrueLock HD tile.

Curt’s is a die-hard Nebraska football fan, and his design is fantastic – unless you live in a rival part of the midwest. In this case, we invite you to one-up this design with our tiles and send us photos. Curt’s garage is pretty solid, so we wish you the best of luck.  An advantage of utilizing garage floor tiles is the opportunity to customize the layout to fit your lifestyle or desires. Curt maximized the customizability through the complex layout that is a testament to his team loyalty.  We make floor-designing easy with our online tool.

What He Ordered:

  • 364 Graphite TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles
  • 232 Black TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles
  • 118 Red TrueLock HDXT Diamond Tiles
  • 32 Graphite TrueLock HD Edges

Curt’s Words:

Before, During Installation and Finished Floor Very satisfied Customer! Garage Flooring Team was very helpful during the order and with installation tricks.  Placed Landscape fabric down to keep any noise down between the tiles and the concrete floor.  My wife was snapping them into place as fast as I could roll out the fabric and get the tiles to her. The advantage of this flooring over an epoxy floor is that you can place a portion of the garage and then move items over onto the finished product, where you would need to move everything out of the garage for a week or more for epoxy.  My friends and neighbors are jealous, and I have recommended your company to them.  I would recommend this to anyone!



Process Photos:




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