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AutoFloorGuard Edge

TruContain® Vs The Competition AutoFloorGuard ® — TruContain has the edge

A few years ago, when we parted ways with the other brand of containment mat, Justin Krauss set out on a mission. We would outsell and outperform the competition with a better product at an affordable price. We started with what we liked about the previous products we sold. We fixed what we did not like, and we created the ultimate one-piece, no assembly required containment mat. That’s easy to say. But what is the real difference?

TruContain Containment Mats Have The Edge

We ordered in the most recent sample from our largest competitor. They had done some pretty good ideas, to be honest. They increased the fabric weight to be closer to our standard product. Improved their packaging and their warranty. They even included a nifty handle. For the first time in a couple of years, we felt like the competitor’s product truly improved. Surprised? We weren’t. We set the bar in the industry. Others were playing catch-up. So we decided to take a deeper look. Here is why the TruContain simply outperforms in the long run. Buy TruContain® Containment Mats Here

Stiff or Spongy

AutoFloorGuard® Edge
The second thing we noticed about our competitor’s product was that the edges seemed incredibly soft and spongy. They had switched their edges from a high-density foam product to a very soft one. It looks kind of neat (not that normal people would ever see it), but we are concerned with how easily the edges are depressed. We believe this may lead to more seepage, especially in the corners. We are also concerned that the soft spongy material simply won’t rebound long term. On the left is the new, untested material. On the right is the material we have been using for years. Although it contributes to our product being more expensive. Ridgely is required.

Hmmm, What Happens When You Put a Soggy Wet Material in a Dark Moist Place?

We will let you answer this question for yourself. I can tell you that after soaking our edges (gray) and their edges (white) in water and letting them dry for an hour, we immediately stopped any consideration of changing edges. It simply seems like too much of a risk. Granted, the edges should not be exposed to this much water. But containment mats are used in the garage. Stuff happens. We can’t justify that risk with our product.

TruContain Edge is Dry The test was simple and frankly not very scientific. We cut out a piece of edging from our mat and one from our competitor’s mat. We soaked both in water for 15 seconds. Then we let them dry. Our edge was completely dry, where the side of the competition was saturated. Even hours later (not shown), the edge of the competitor’s product was still damp.

Better Material

Yup, that was still the first thing we noticed. Our nice, gray, embossed material versus the smooth black material of the competition. Sure they had increased the weight to where it was comparable to ours, but they had not matched our material.

Its Materially Better Guaranteed

We are so confident in our product that not only do we offer the manufacturer warranty, but we have a discounted replacement program if you manage to find a way to damage the product. To the best of our knowledge, as of the time of publication, we are the only company to offer this.

Garage Flooring LLC of Colorado nor TruContain® are affiliated with AutoFloorGuard®. AutoFloorGuard is a registered trademark of Auto Floor Guard, LLC LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY MICHIGAN 12700 Merriman Road Livonia MICHIGAN 48150. TruContain® is a registered trademark of All Weather Floors, LLC and Garage Flooring LLC of Colorado

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