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Rick’s AWF Polyurea Project

A Well-Done Project

Rick and his daughters installed a 1000 square-foot AWF Polyurea kit. They did a GREAT job! The AWF Polyurea is an excellent coating option for many DIY consumers because of the extended pot life and reduced prep-work.

The Prep

That said, Rick describes sufficiently cleaning the surface as tough. Rick used a rotary head attached to the pressure washer. He cleaned his surface four times before he felt comfortable continuing the preparation process. To prep his surface, Rick used a muriatic acid. With the Polyurea, provided the concrete is in reasonable condition, customers typically acid-etch their surface and do not need to grind. Many people do not feel comfortable using muriatic acid because of the harsh chemicals. Thankfully, we provide a more eco-friendly alternative, Eco-Etch. This product gets the job done without damaging plants or corroding metal.

We always recommend taking time with floor preparation as it sets up the rest of the project for success.

Rick’s Comments

Went really well. I did get some bubbles in the first coat, maybe 3/4″ diameter in size (maybe 25 or so), only where sunlight was hitting the slab. So, there may have been a little moisture still in the concrete. But just went right over the top of everything with the clear, and it looks great.

Rick’s Order:

1000 sq/ft AWF Polyurea Kit

  • 2 Coats
  • Heavy Broadcast Flake B310 (Blue, Black, White, Grey)

Basic Information about Polyurea

Polyurea is a garage floor coating that is easier to install than a garage floor epoxy, It is typically mmroe UV resistant, more chemical resistnant and although it is not as “hard” or thick as an epoxy in most applications it is more durable than eppoxy.

Polyurea is available in 2 coat kits, 3 coat kits and full broadcast garage floor coating kits



Before coating

Process Photo: applying flake to garage floor coating

Finished Floor:

gray polyurea garage floor coating with blue flake

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