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Jeff’s Polyurea Review

Jeff’s Review:

Justin, very much appreciated and know that you are now on my fan list.  The product was everything you said it would be.  The only issue I had was of my own doing.  Since I was only doing 210 sqft and you’re product is likely covering 250 sqft comfortably, which I absolutely agree it will be based on what I had leftover. I could have gone quite a bit heavier on my application.  Hey, first time using the product, and you tend to be a little conservative.  I should have trusted your directions!

“Came out beautifully.”

However, that said, it came out beautifully, and I’ll be doing our second, larger garage next year. FYI, this is an older garage floor that I first, scrubbed clean, then applied an environmentally-friendly acid etch too.  I didn’t like the way it came out and just decided to hit it harder with muriatic acid. I know, not a great suggestion for most folk, but I’ve worked with it before and had a clue what I was doing.  Then, knowing I had a very solid etch, I hit it hard with the power washer.  I had a small space heater in the garage for a week, keeping the temp at about 72 for a week straight to be sure it was completely dry.

Then, I got out the product, mixed it all up, and rolled it out per spec.  (with the exception of the fact that I could have, would have gone heavier if I wasn’t so anxious about it all)

I can’t recommend you enough.”

I had more than enough, as you can imagine. The tint plus the extra clear plus the gallon yielded about a gallon and a half, I would guess. In any event, it was a shame I didn’t put a heck of a lot more on and a bigger shame I had to waste any of the product!  I didn’t open the second-quart container for the clear as even then, with a heavier coat, I still had some leftover.  Yes, I probably could have gone heavier on the clear too.  Live and learn. Since it’s a straight shot into the garage, there is little wear and tear.  Just forward and back, so I’m pretty certain it will hold up just fine.  I was also able to go heavier with the chips since I had so much that I ended up with a semi-hybrid full broadcast look. 🙂

All said and done, and I can’t recommend you enough.  Now the stuff just has to wear well, not deliver any hot tire pickup, and I’ll be one very happy camper.  We’ve been parking on it now for about three days after one full week of cure time, again with the 72 heat on full time as well.  Having had issues with the cheaper big box store products, I’m looking forward to the outcome in a year with the Polyurea.

“My three part-time 3-month garage project is now complete.”

I’ve already recommended you to two different neighbors who were wondering what the heck I was doing every weekend in such a small space. My three part-time 3-month garage project is now complete.  (You’ll notice everything is fresh. Baseboards, trim molding, paint all around, and even LED lighting now. And that little door on the right side is a cubby I cut in under the interior stairwell. Got about 30 sqft of storage from it.)

Thank you for your outreach.  It speaks volumes for your company

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