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Janice’s Gorgeous RaceDeck® Free-Flow Garage

“One Happy Customer”

This garage is absolutely beautiful- and so is that Tesla! Janice installed the RaceDeck® Free-Flow tiles in her 400-square foot garage. The blue tiles perfectly complement her car. She clearly did an amazing job with the installation.

“Less than 3 Hours”

Janice installed her tiles in less than three hours. Customers love these tiles because they are easy and fast to install. The free-flow tiles are a practical and sleek option for many customers. To order samples, click here.

Janice’s Review:

Loved your product — finished my garage in less than 3 hours. Thank you so much — have been sending everyone to your website — posted it on Facebook in my Tesla groups! One happy customer!

Her Order:

  • 210 Black RaceDeck Free-Flow Tiles
  • 60 Royal Blue RaceDeck Free-Flow Tiles
  • 108 Graphite RaceDeck Free-Flow Tiles
  • 12 Yellow RaceDeck Free-Flow Tiles
  • 16 Black Female Edges

Garage Photos:


Process Photo:

Finished Garage:

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