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Black and White Checkerboard tiles in man cave.

Gorka’s Man Cave

Happy customer! – Gorka

He is the social distancing champion – and has a sign to prove it! Gorka installed TrueLock Diamond garage floor tiles in his Man Cave – the checkerboard tiles complete the retro look of the space. This Man Cave – the layout, floor, and decor, is perfect and leaves us with a lot of garage envy.

Gorka used black and white tiles for this living-only space. As in, he has no cars parked – except for the cool showcased models. A white tile in a place like this is easily cleanable. However, for a customer looking to install a checkerboard garage in an area like the garage, we recommend using silver and black tiles. Using the silver in place of the white can reduce the appearance of any dirt or debris tracked through the garage. With Gorka’s mancave, he doesn’t have to be worried and can go retro all the way.

Gorka’s Words

Sharing my project completed in my Man Cave. Love it. Thank you. Happy customer!

His Order:

  • 50 White TrueLock Diamond Tiles
  • 50 Black TrueLock Diamond Tiles
  • 10 TrueLock Female Edges

Total Cost: About $250 (Plus tax if applicable).

Man Cave Photos:


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