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How to install G-Floor Trailer Flooring

How to Install G-Floor Trailer Flooring

Common G-Floor® Trailer Flooring Installations

This installation guide intends to aid in the installation of G-Floor Trailer Flooring. In addition to this guide, always follow recommendations supplied by the adhesive or by the adhesive manufacturers. We have provided the following, which demonstrates common installation instructions.


The substrate on which the flooring will lay should be smooth, clean, and dry. If it is wooden, any seams should be sanded smoothly, and evenly, and should be level. This will prevent the seam from being visible after the flooring installation.

The roll of flooring should be acclimated in a temperature-controlled area prior to the trailer installation.


Unroll & Trim

  • Unroll material in the trailer
  • Make sure to lay it in straight. Trim off any excess.
  • Trim to fit the layout of the floor.
  • Carefully remove any excess material to fit the angles of the floor in the trailer so that it lays flat.

Adhesive & Rolling:

  • Lift material on one side lengthwise (from side to side, not front to back) and fold it in half back on itself.
  • Expose the substrate so the adhesive can be applied.
  • Apply adhesive to the uncovered half of the trailer floor
  • Use the appropriate kind of adhesive for the substrate with which you are working for the best results. Trailer flooring should not be free-floating, as it will result in rippling or even creases in the material, as well as expansion and contraction of the material due to changes in temperature.
  • Carefully roll the floor back onto the adhesive-covered part of the trailer floor
  • do not flop the material back in place!
  • The spun-bound backing helps the adhesive bond the flooring more securely to the substrate. However, when set back into place haphazardly, it could lead to air trapped under the flooring, resulting in more work during the remaining steps of the installation process.
  • Using a hundred-pound roller, work any air pockets out and ensure the adhesive is evenly distributed.
  • Work from the center of the floor out to the edge near the wall. This helps push out any trapped air and evenly spread out the adhesive under the flooring.
  • Repeat the above steps for the remaining half of the floor.
  • After the completion of both sides, roll the entire floor once both sides – Again, work from the center to the edges.

Cure & Finish:

  • Give the adhesive plenty of time to cure. Allow the adhesive to fully cure for 24 hours (depending on the local humidity).
  • Install trim pieces along the flooring edges to give your new floor a finished look.

Customer Photos:

Steve’s Race Trailer:

Steve installed Black BLT Small Coin Flooring.

BLT Trailer Flooring

Pop-Up Store Flooring

Tony with Britten Productions installed the Grey BLT Levant mats in a pop-up store.

About G-Floor and Garage Flooring LLC

G-Floor is a product from Better Life Technology that our owner has sold for over two decades. In fact, it is the product we got started with, in the garage flooring industry. They started with garage floor mats and gradually expanded out into other offerings, such as trailer flooring. Garage floor mats are decorative, whereas containment mats are purpose-driven.

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