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TrueLock HD Ribbed Tiles

Neil’s TrueLock HD Ribbed Floor

“I Love the Colors and How the Floor Design Looks in my Garage”

Neil installed the TrueLock HD Ribbed Garage floor tiles in his garage. We love how the garage turned out. Before, a stained-concrete and boring garage. After, a beautiful and vibrant garage space. Additionally, this garage is as functional as it is beautiful. The free-flow tiles allow debris to fall through for clean-up later. Furthermore, the tile leaves a clean space for walking. While we love this garage, read about Neil’s entire experience in the testimony below.

Neil’s Testimony

I Used Their Online Design Tool

I spent months and months researching and contemplating what floor to use in my main garage.  I wanted a floor that would last for years and most importantly I wanted a floor that would look beautiful and dramatic.  I have lots of white light in my garage and my walls and are semigloss white and I wanted a floor that would “pop”!   I studied all the options and ultimately selected free-flow style tiles from TrueLock.  I looked at dozens and dozens of floor designs on the Garage Flooring LLC website, and then I used their online design tool to design a layout for my specific garage floor.

Beyond Happy With The Results

I received my tiles about a week after placing the order.  My son and I installed the floor in about three hours.  I could not believe how easily the floor went in!  The quantities that I ordered using the design tool were exactly correct. The design worked out perfectly for my space.  I had two neighbors stopover during the installation process. They could not believe how quickly it was going down and how professional looking it was.  I am extremely detail-oriented and a bit of a perfectionist and this product and installation met all of my requirements.

I have had a constant stream of neighbors stopping by to admire the final results.  I am beyond happy with the results, I just kick myself for not doing the project long ago.  I love the colors and how the floor design looks in my garage – it actually exceeds my expectations for “pop”.

Support Throughout My Entire Process

Last but not least, I have to say a big thank you to Justin and the team for their support throughout my entire process.  Justin showed extreme patience with me from the very beginning as I emailed him with dozens and dozens of questions about which flooring type was best, how to handle certain installation issues, and then lots of product questions.  Thank you Justin and team!

Neil’s Photos:



Red, Gray, Silver TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles

TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles with black car

Ribbed garage floor tiles with black cars

Neil's Ribbed garage floor

Ribbed tile garage in black, silver, and red

Black, Silver, Red TrueLock HD Ribbed Garage   Gray, Silver, Black TrueLock HD tiles

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