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Tom's Epoxy Garage with Black Car

Tom’s Epoxy Project: How To Repair a Heavily Damaged Garage Floor Using Epoxy

“A Huge Improvement” – Tom

Tom’s garage is a perfect example of an incredible transformation using an out-of-the-box approach. It’s also an outstanding example of why there is no such thing as the best garage floor coating. Instead, there is the best coating for your garage. While we often suggest Polyurea coatings, this application called for more

Tom’s floor was cracked and dominated by spalling concrete. The process of a slurry coat or proper repair was expensive and overwhelming for a DIY consumer. So we worked together and found a suitable, not quite perfect, alternative.

Tom ground his floor down,  filled the cracks, and used a high-solids DIY kit to prime to the floor with TL015 AND 707 High-Solids Epoxy. Before applying the flake and the topcoat, he did another layer of 100% solids epoxy. This filled in the vast majority of the remaining damage. Finally, he applied the flake and topcoat.

The floor looks terrific. While this is far from the official, professional approach to a damaged floor, it was a much easier fix and yielded outstanding results, if slightly imperfect.

Tom’s Words:

The floor turned out very nice. I am satisfied with the results. If you look closely, you can see the surface texture underneath the epoxy is not perfect, but a huge improvement over prior! Thank you for the assistance to determine correct products and for application techniques.

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