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Black, silver, yellow ribbed garage floor tiles

Gary’s Ribbed-Tile Garage Transformation

Gary’s garage seems to be all about organization – and we’re taking notes. He installed yellow, grey, and silver ribbed tiles.  The yellow tiles separate a space that could be used for parking and a pathway to claim children’s toys. The grey, silver and black tiles create a beautiful plaid pattern.  Even before the garage tiles are installed – this garage features something not found in most of ours – organized kids toys. They also seem to be out of the daughter’s reach – GENIUS. Gary’s garage is absolutely beautiful.

For garages with kiddos, a ribbed floor is a great option. Dust and debris fall through the tile and leave a clean space to walk on. Later, simply clean the tile with a shop-vac.

Gary’s Photo:


Bare concrete garage


Black, silver, graphite, ribbed tiles Black, silver, yellow ribbed garage floor tiles

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