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Black and White Checkerboard Garage Floor Tiles with Red Border

Jeffry’s Checkerboard Garage

Jeffry installed black and white checkerboard TrueLock Diamond tiles. This could very much be anyone’s dream garage. The garage looks professionally designed. We love this garage’s walls and decor – and of course, the car.

The tiles make an excellent addition to his garage. The TrueLock Diamond tiles are an excellent option for customers that desire a low-price point, simple design, and a nice garage. The tiles are strong and durable. The diamond profile is raised off the tile – it may not be the best solution for someone who spends a lot of time on a creeper.

Jeffry’s Order:

  • 260 Black TrueLock Diamond Tiles
  • 84 Red TrueLock Diamond Tiles
  • 168 White TrueLock Diamond Tiles
  • 20 Black Female Edges

Jeffry’s Photos:

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