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RaceDeck tile installation video

Installation Video: RaceDeck® Free-Flow Tiles

“It makes the garage feel like another room in the house than just a garage” – Eric

Eric installed the RaceDeck® Free-Flow tiles – and shared a video of his installation on his youtube channel, Freddy Knucks where he tracks the progress in what he has dubbed: Garagemahal. The before to after process is as exciting to watch as any of your regular binge-worthy home-improvement shows. While the video does not replace installation instructions, it’s a great example of what to expect in your garage remodel.

As Eric points out, the tiles allow debris to fall through, leaving the floor “clean” to work on. When you are ready, simply use a shop vac to clean the debris.

We also want to highlight Eric’s recommendation to vote with your dollar and support local and small businesses. Whether it’s us or your favorite local coffee shop (our go-to is Bestslope in Fruita, CO), shopping small is an easy way to show support <3

Installation Video:

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