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Grey BLT Small Coin Garage Floor Mats

Gabrielle’s BLT Small Coin Mats

Thanks again, Justin, for a great product and excellent customer service! -Gabrielle

Gabrielle installed the BLT Small Coin mats to protect her painted floors. The transformation of this garage is absolutely stunning. The mats offer amazing benefits, such as floor protection and a comfortable place to do cartwheels; a feature fully taken advantage of by Gabrielle’s daughter.

Gabrielle’s Review

The mats are perfect. They were the perfect final touch to the garage. We actually painted the floors and the walls. The garage was a mess before this. The mats are holding up to a golf cart and a heavy motorcycle so far. The kickstand on the motorcycle stretches the mat a bit, but the mat moves back into place when we move the motorcycle. Our tool cabinet will have wheels on it, and being able to move the tool cabinet across the mat—along with it protecting the epoxy paint on the floors—is why I wanted your mats. My daughter really likes them, too.  She can do cartwheels on them. Thanks, Justin, again for the great product and the customer service!




Small Coin Mat on finished garage

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