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TrueLock HD Ribbed Grey, Silver, Red tiles with white car

Dave’s Giant TrueLock HD Ribbed Project

Dave installed the TrueLock HD ribbed tiles. The project looks phenomenal. The gray, silver, and red combo create a beautiful space. The ribbed garage floor tiles are an excellent looking and functional solution for many garages.

His Words

Just a photo and a shout-out for the great new floor I just installed. I appreciate your help with my concerns regarding expansion and advice on using the table saw. Thanks for being available for personal customer service.

Dave’s Order

  • 432 Alloy TrueLock HD Ribbed Tiles
  • 238 Graphite TrueLock HD Ribbed Tiles
  • 16 Black TrueLock HD Ribbed Tiles
  • 16 Red TrueLock HD Ribbed Tiles
  • 144 Alloy TrueLock HD Coin Tiles
  • 40 Graphite TrueLock HD Coin Tiles
  • 25 Black TrueLock HD Female Edges

Garage Photo:

Grey, Silver, Red TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles with white car


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