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TrueLock HD Ribbed Black and Red tiles with white car

Kelly’s TrueLock HD Ribbed Garage

“I give the Free-Flow Tiles 5 STARS” -Kelly

Kelly installed the TrueLock HD Free Flow tiles. The garage looks phenomenal. As Kelly points out, the TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles are extremely similar to the Racedeck Free Flow tiles, though the Racedeck tiles comes with a longer manufacturer warranty. Compare the tiles for yourself by ordering FREE samples. Kelly also noted the installation time was shorter because of how the tiles are shipped. TrueLock HD tiles are shipped with 4 tiles connected (2×2) and then stacked. This makes shipping easier but also saves customers tons of time!

Kelly’s Review:

Thanks Guys, the floor is AWESOME! They identical to the RACE DECK™ tiles in every way possible. The best part was I installed them in roughly 3 hrs thanks to the way the tiles are shipped in 2×2 sections. Big time saver! I give the Free-Flow Tiles 5 STARS.

Kelly’s Order:

  • 417 Black TrueLock HD Ribbed Tiles
  • 112 Red TrueLock HD Ribbed Tiles
  • 3 Male TrueLock HD Edges
  • 12 Female TrueLock HD Edges

Kelly’s Photos:


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