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Ribbed tiles with car design

Andrew’s Creative Car Design with Ribbed Tiles

“Great Customer Service and Quick Delivery” – Andrew

Andrew installed TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles – but this isn’t just any type of flooring project. His daughter designed the floor to create one of the most artistic designs we’ve seen yet: a car in the garage tiles. The design is very fun and maybe the most unique one we’ve seen. The neighbors will definitely be jealous.

Ribbed tiles are an excellent addition to a garage space. Just how the garage looks is enough to make anyone happy but the beauty isn’t just surface-deep. The tiles are durable and functional, they allow you the flexibility to clean your tiles when you want to. In the meantime, they leave a safe space for walking on because the debris falls through. When you are ready to clean, clean through the tiles with a shop-vac.

Andrew’s Words

Delivery was quick, customer service was responsive when I had a question or two and the install was exhausting but easy – but for the heatwave we’re in the middle of. The only issue is I was short 1 red tile – not sure how- but I’ll just order one more on the website. Attached is the final product – courtesy of my daughter’s artistic talents. Great customer service and quick delivery, and follow up after the sale. Highly recommended.

His Order:

Andrew’s installed the TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles in his garage that is about 800 square ft. big. Design your garage and prep your layout using our tile designer.

  • 240 Graphite TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles
  • 371 Blue TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles
  • 104 Red TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles
  • 52 Black TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles
  • 49 White TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles
  • 22 Black TrueLock HD Female edges
  • 7 Black TrueLock HD Male edges

Garage Photos:

Red, blue, white, black ribbed tiles

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