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BLack BLT Rollout Flooring with motorcycle and red corvette

Gordon’s Levant Garage Floor Mats

Simple & Sleek

Maybe you have been stuck in the house for a while because of quarantine, and among the things that you’re tired of looking at, your ugly garage concrete just annoys you. You have a busy schedule (maybe it’s working all day, and perhaps it’s binge-watching your favorite series), so an all-day installation project just isn’t for you. You are just parking in the garage and tired of the concrete. If you are looking for a quick install and a floor that has a simple and sleek design, the BLT mats may be for you.

Gordon installed  2 10×24′ BLT Black Levant mats in his garage. He connected the two mats with a center strip. The flooring in Gordon’s garage is neat and simple. The levant pattern provides a mostly flat surface that is lightly textured. This means you can easily roll items across the floor but also not have to worry about slipping. Up-close, the mat looks similar to leather. To install his levant flooring, all he had to do was roll out the mats, let them rest, connect them, and trim them. The project is super simple and results in a garage that looks ‘finished.’ We offer free samples of the BLT mats.

Gordon also features a Motorcycle Mat in his garage. The mat looks cool and provides a layer of protection for the surface underneath it.

Easy to Clean:

“The black is fairly easy to keep clean. I move the vehicles out, run a leaf blower for loose stuff and dust, then damp mop with a Swiffer and a cleaning solution for laminate floors.” – Gordon

Gordon’s Garage


Process Photo:

BLack BLT Rollout Flooring


BLack BLT Rollout Flooring with motorcycle

BLack BLT Rollout Flooring with motorcycle and red corvette

BLack BLT Rollout Flooring

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