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Black, Grey, Alloy TrueLock HDXT Coin Tiles

Jode’s Beautiful TrueLock HDXT Coin Project

“The Transformation is Incredible.” – Jode

We couldn’t agree more with Jode’s words. The plaid-like pattern creates a beautiful garage floor. The 400 sq/ft garage took Jode a single day to finish as the tiles are super easy to install.

The tiles look fantastic, are easily installable, and incredibly durable. They are the perfect combination of function, strength, and beauty. Order free samples here.

Jode’s Review

I wanted to share some pics with you to show you how amazing your floor looks in my garage.  It was super easy and only took me a day to install 400 sq/ft.  The only issue was not enough tiles were shipped, but everyone at your company was helpful and got the missing tiles to me as soon as possible.  The transformation is incredible.

The Photos:

Small Coin Tiles

Black, Gray, Silver TrueLock HDXT Coin Tiles

Small Coin Tiles


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