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Checkerboard TrueLock HD Tiles Beautiful Product

Wayne’s Checkerboard TrueLock HD Diamond Garage

“It Looks Great” – Wayne

Is it an optical illusion or TrueLock HD Diamond Tiles? It’s a little bit of both! Wayne installed the tiles in a classic checkerboard pattern. The photos are completely mesmerizing. The tiles are simple to install – allowing you to have a seemingly “professionally” finished garage in just a few hours. A checkerboard pattern is a customer favorite. For those that might be less-than-neat in their garages (@me), an alloy-colored tile may provide that checkerboard looks without the hassle of mopping the garage to maintain the perfect picturesque look.

The TrueLock HD Diamond tiles feature a double-diamond surface. The tile is durable and fungus-resistant. It is an excellent addition to a garage where you desire a sleek look with an accentuated pattern. For those who still want a diamond pattern that protrudes from the surface less, a RaceDeck or TrueLock HDXT Diamond may be the way to go. Compare the diamond patterns by ordering free samples.

Wayne’s Words

Here is my floor just finished today.  I think it looks great, and my next-door lessee wanted your info to consider a floor for their space. Thanks for the beautiful product.


Checkerboard Tiles

Black and White TrueLock HD Diamond Tiles

Checkerboard Diamond Pattern Tiles



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