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Patrice’s BLT Ribbed Garage Floor Mat

Patrice’s BLT Ribbed Garage Floor Mat

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The Product is Exactly What I Needed.

Patrice installed the Ribbed BLT garage flooring. The mat is the perfect addition to her garage floor. Installation is simple and easy – simply unroll the product out and trim to fit. The hardest part, as Patrice points out, is moving the roll of flooring. However, the benefits outweigh it. Patrice is now able to easily clean her garage floor. Additionally, her floor simply looks better.


I’m 65 years old and weigh 118 pounds but I unrolled and trimmed the ribbed flooring by myself. The hardest part was dragging the heavy roll through the front door and foyer to the garage. I could not be more pleased. The ribs will make it easier to hose the salt out of the garage this winter. I am so glad I ordered the 8 1/2 foot wide ribbed product. PERFECT! I have jealous relatives who are considering a purchase.
Perfect! The ribbed flooring was easy to unroll. The product is exactly what I need to protect my garage floor from dirt and salt. I can sweep or use the hose to push debris out the door. I am so pleased with the purchase and fortunate that I found Garage Flooring LLC. 

Patrice’s Photos:

BLT Black Ribbed Garage Flooring

Ribbed Floor Mat with car on top

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