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Glowing floor with quotation

Jessica’s Glowing Garage

No, this isn’t a scene from your favorite paranormal film. It’s way cooler. Jessica installed the Polyurea floor coating with glow-in-the-dark flake. The results are phenomenal. The flake does really glow. The advantages of the polyurea floor coating are the durable surface and ease of installation. While polyurea kits can come with specific flake blends that we store in-house, customers are welcome to take advantage of the full brochure of options and customize their garage however they desire to!

Jessica’s Order:

  •  1 Gray 750 sq. Ft. All Weather Floors Polyurea kit
  • 2 Pounds of 1/4 in 9120 Torginal Glow Flake
  • 5 Pounds of 1/16 in B411 Flake


Gray Garage Floor Coating with Flake

Glow in the dark flake









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